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Swad Masala was started in 1990 by two brothers who wanted to leverage their spice trading experience to provide delicious and authentic Indian masalas. Their tradition of food and spices began in 1980 with the establishment of Lakshmi Trading Company. For over 10 years, Mr. Harish Babu and Mr. Mahesh Babu traded in spices with quality, purity and integrity as the guiding pillars of their trade.

In 1990, the brothers decided to diversify and use the knowledge they gained to start SWAD MASALAS under “Lakshmi Industries”. SWAD takes immense care in sourcing the highest quality ingredients from their trusted suppliers and couples it with highest processing standards. Their extensive trading expertise has allowed them to gain a strong understanding of the market and hence they are able to source premium spices at low cost giving the customer value for money. The result is a range of well – loved masalas that feels like it was made in your kitchen.

Each Masala or blend has been formulated with great care. Indian cuisine derives its unique quality from the taste, aroma, blend and color of spices. Years of research and culinary secrets passed down in the family have helped SWAD achieve truly authentic masala recipes for the Indian palette. It is free of artificial flavors and synthetics aiming to maintain the natural flavor of each spice. Its products embody Indian tradition and unparalleled taste. The company started with 4 basic products and has now expanded to over 20 products as a result of the brothers’ dedication to create new products. With time, they have adopted the latest processing and packing technology to best serve their customers. The powdered Spices and Masalas have been tested in quality control labs time and again to ensure the best standards are maintained.


With the continued support from its customers, associates, employees and well-wishers, SWAD intends to reach every house-hold with its wide range of products.


Our Values: